Truck Weight Scales

Portable or Permanent. Efficient and Accurate.

Truck weight scales are simply fundamental to the operation of so many companies. Operations of all sizes and varieties require truck scales and systems to maintain efficiency and profitability. KSS weighing experts offer many durable, reliable truck scales and systems options – all with rugged designs, top technology, and systems built to make operation straightforward and efficient.

When you’re hauling heavy loads of product over the road without the proper weighing equipment and processes in place, you risk:

  • Overweight fines
  • Un-verified acceptance of incoming weights
  • Lost revenue
  • Inaccurate inventory

Kanawha Scales & Systems can alleviate these pain points with rugged and dependable truck weight scales. We offer:

  • Above-ground, low profile designs, or pit models
  • Concrete or steel deck applications
  • Turnkey installation, best in class service, and support 24/7/365 for the lifetime of your scale

No matter what you’re weighing and where you install it, a truck scale should be reliable, rugged, long-lasting, and cost-effective. Our range of semi-truck scales for sale are designed to last a generation or more; and a proactive preventative maintenance schedule will go a long way toward protecting you from unexpected downtime and unplanned expenses.

KSS weighing experts can offer a wide range of standard and customized truck scale configurations based on your needs and budget. Standard truck scale sizes between 8″ and 14″ are readily available, and custom sizes and features are available when typical truck scales are not the right solution for your application or space. Whether you’re looking for permanent or portable truck scales for sale, we have the solution for you.

Do you need legal-for-trade truck scales to weigh not only entire trucks, but also a truck’s individual axles or a group of axles? Multi-axle truck weight scales allow separate weighbridges to operate as independent scales but also as one.

These commercial truck scales are necessary because trailer axles can change their position relative to the length of the trailer to help balance the weight it carries. Having a multi-axle scale means drivers will be able to tell exactly how to adjust the position of the axles.

Multi-axle scales do require more load cells than a typical truck scale, thus making them a higher cost solution; but, the versatility and the flexibility they offer make them an excellent investment. Because states can have very different laws regarding the distribution of weight on trailers, this equipment is essential to help drivers adjust for compliance.

For a cost-effective truck scale in a non-commercial application – one that does not require NTEP certification – some organizations choose single axle scales. Largely used to ensure compliance with road weight limits, single-axle truck scales separately weigh each set of axles, providing a truck’s estimated total weight. While suitable for some applications, single axle weighing is not legal-for-trade.

We install steel or concrete deck scales above ground or pit mounted, and provide turnkey service for total vehicle weighing solutions with scaleside hardware, custom software, and robust data management systems.

Why Choose Kanawha?

We’re recognized as a leading truck scale company. With a history spanning seven decades and ISO 17025 accreditation, our customers know they can depend on us to deliver the best mix of products and services for their needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a truck scale?

This equipment is used to weigh trucks as well as other large-scale machinery. They can be permanent installations in a facility or portable units to be used in the field.

Why are load cells important in a truck weight scale?

These elements of commercial truck scales enable them to provide the most accurate readings due to their highly sensitive design. This ensures that operators can trust the measurements to be as reliable as possible and make better decisions.

What should I consider before buying a truck weight scale?

In addition to the size of the vehicles or equipment to be weighed, it’s important to decide whether you want a steel deck or a concrete deck. Concrete decks can support more weight and last longer, while steel is easier to move to a different location.

Some truck scales can handle over 250 weighments everyday and still last 20 to 30 years or more.

Pit mounted truck scales are perfect when your space is limited or your traffic volume is high.

Avoid hauling uncertain loads. Make overweight fines and lost revenue a thing of the past.

Concrete or steel deck?

Property lend itself to a big above ground install or does limited space drive the need for a pit install or low profile scale?

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