Technician Training

At KSS, we are quite proud of our Technician Training Program. We believe our program to be unrivaled by others and our techs to be among the most knowledgeable and highly trained in the world. Our customers can trust that they will receive the very best service from our technicians. Over 15 years ago, we developed a technician training program in which our techs progress through three intensive levels during their employment. This training program truly sets us apart from the competition.

Apprentice – These technicians are working to achieve Level I status. They have up to one year on the job and are supervised while being exposed to a wide variety of training to develop the skills they will need to progress through the KSS Technician Training Program.

Level I – These technicians are trained to handle most basic repairs and calibrations unsupervised and can provide valuable assistance to higher level techs on installation, testing, and calibrations of various types of weighing equipment.

Level II – Level II technicians often take the lead position for many calibration and repair services and work with customers to help identify and solve technical issues. May provide field supervision for supporting techs.

Level III Technician has completed all prior levels and at least three modules of advanced training. They’ve demonstrated expert status and achieved the title, Scale Master, becoming one of an elite team of KSS technicians.

When you call Kanawha Scales & Systems, rest assured you’ll receive the very best service from among the most knowledgeable and highly trained professionals in the world!

The KSS Technician Training program is designed to create the best technicians in the world. To keep pace with rapidly changing technology and our customers’ needs, we continue to add new training modules and curriculum. And with expertise and input from our Technician Training Team, we will continue to evaluate and improve our training program.

Karl Angell, Kanawha Scales & Systems, Training Coordinator

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