Accredited Calibration Service You Can Count On.

KSS provides standard repairs, emergency repair service and regularly scheduled maintenance agreements. All calibrations are performed to NIST Handbook 44 standards to ensure that your scales are performing correctly. Our highly skilled technicians perform scale & instrument calibrations and repairs at your site and or in our lab, and we work closely with you to schedule this vital maintenance at your convenience.

To ensure that we meet your high standards every time, our company is ISO accredited and our technicians receive extensive manufacturer training, as well as OSHA/MSHA safety training.

To maintain your tolerances, calibration is a must and should be done on a regularly scheduled basis. Let us tell you more about the benefits of entering into a service agreement with KSS and how all of your calibrations can be scheduled and worry free.

Rail Scale Calibration

With our 80,000 pound test unit we offer static and in-motion Certified Rail Scale Calibration. This test unit is remote controlled and self-propelled with a 7ft wheelbase. Compliant with AAR scale handbook and NIST Handbook 44, our rail scale test cart is equipped with 80,000 pounds of certified class F weight traceable to NIST. Two KSS scale trucks and two technicians are included in our rail scale calibration service. Our techs are fully trained and equipped to test, calibrate, and repair any brand of rail scales.

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