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With a wide range of capabilities and options, crane scales make it easy to measure suspended loads in process. Designed with safety in mind, crane scales typically feature a remote control that allows operation at a safe distance. This type of overhead weighing equipment’s rotating hooks with safety catches ensure stability and security. With easy-to-read displays and optional network connectivity, your overhead weighing equipment can be configured to provide scale data where, when, and how you need it. Our crane scales solutions help you ensure compliance and safety, efficient production, accurate load information, and measurable yield.

Understanding Crane Weight Scales

Typically used in freight handling and manufacturing applications, overhead crane scales attach to the hook on the end of a crane. These provide readouts of the weight currently being carried by the crane, as well as the amount of force being exerted on the equipment.

Multiple Applications in Various Industries

Industrial crane scales can be found in a wide range of environments, including warehouses, factories, construction sites, and ports. Practically any situation in which materials are being hoisted by overhead cranes can benefit from the use of hanging crane scales to provide accurate measurements of the weight they carry.

The Benefits of Crane Weight Scales

Using crane scales provides operations of all types with a number of critical advantages, including:

  • Weighing awkward loads — In many cases, cargo is too bulky or heavy to weigh on a traditional floor scale. A digital crane scale makes this task much easier by weighing materials as they are being transported.
  • Saving space — Because they don’t require a flat surface to measure weight, these scales allow more floor space to be used for other purposes. This can be crucial in warehouses and other high-traffic facilities.
  • Saving time — As soon as the load is hooked to the crane, the scale provides an accurate reading of its weight. This saves time compared to carrying each load to a scale before moving it elsewhere.
  • Improving safety — With remote controls and easy-to-read displays, these scales allow operators to use them without putting themselves in potentially dangerous situations.

Why Choose Kanawha Scales & Systems for Overhead Crane Scales?

Our history stretches across seven decades. With 19 locations throughout the eastern, Midwestern, and southern portions of the country, we’re ready to help our customers at a moment’s notice. We’re well versed in serving the needs of multiple sectors, including manufacturing, mining, logistics, and waste management. If you want to learn more about everything we can do for your operation, reach out and speak with one of our representatives today.

Weighing suspended loads
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overloads and unsafe lifting.

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