Logistics Solutions

As a nationwide service and solutions provider for international shipping companies, KSS can offer you the equipment and software to simplify logistics operations. We sell and service forklift scales as well as our proprietary data management system for forklift and pallet jacks – KSS Pioneer. Our Pioneer system captures and transmits real-time data from lift truck scales, allowing customers to efficiently integrate weighing and data management.

Also perfect for freight carriers and forwarders, we offer the robust CubeTape mobile dimensioning tool that pairs perfectly with our proprietary Inspector application to increase your efficiency. With CubeTape no note taking or data entry is needed, which eliminates typical human error and saves on labor costs.

CubeTape offers the mobility to capture measurements wherever the pallet, package, or product is handled – meaning no warehouse travel time or material handling equipment to get dimensions. Best of all, CubeTape can be purchased and deployed at a fraction of the cost of fully automated dimensioning systems.

Who Chooses CubeTape and Why?

Shippers need to bill the correct charges, which are commonly volumetric rather than weight-based. The productivity and accuracy in dispatch are unmatched. The accurate data captured with CubeTape allows shippers to ship at the lowest cost possible.

Carriers must measure to optimize their revenue. Global carriers routinely measure every consignment multiple times, ensuring the accuracy and safety of those consignments. Cubetape provides data management solutions to save your company time and money with your shipping systems and processes.

Warehouse Management requires accurate volumetric data to calculate storage and shipping charges. CubeTape provides data management solutions to save your company time and money with your shipping systems and processes.

KSS Inspector App

Pair CubeTape with our proprietary Inspector application to increase logistical efficiency. The KSS Inspector app is a web-based software for capturing field data such as dimensions, pictures, and associated freight handling details at a dock facility. The application provides a central repository of information to allow freight inspections to be centrally located for visibility by all pertinent personnel.

Customized Weight Moving Carts

We also fabricate customizable, 4,000 pound capacity weight sleds made to easily glide across roller, caster, or ball deck scales for the transportation and cargo industries.

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