Fast, Reliable Weighing While Lifting.

If you are managing inventory, shipping or receiving, forklift scales let you weigh loads without the extra step of taking them to a secondary scale. Just lift on your forklift and get an accurate weight fast, while in transit. The ability to transport and weigh materials in one simple step results in tremendous time savings and a speedy return on investment.

Eliminate human error, send data wirelessly, and manage your scale data with our proprietary Pioneer® Forklift Scale Software. This is streamlining at its finest. Forklift scales are easy to set up, fully calibrated, and legal for trade. Capacities are up to 5000 pounds.

Weighing and data collection & management systems for lift trucks and pallet jacks.

Eliminate the need for extra steps in your material handling process, with weight processed as you load and lift.

Seriously! We’ve been doing this scales & systems thing for a long time.

KSS Pioneer® data collection & management system sends weight and other important data wirelessly to manifesting and coordinating systems.

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Industry Applications of Forklift Scales

Forklift scales can be found in the food, transportation, agriculture, manufacturing and distribution, among others.

Why Choose Kanawha?

We have the best assortment of forklift scales for sale, as well as exceptional customer service. When you order forklift weighing scales from us, you can rest assured you’ll be receiving the highest-quality and most innovative technology on the market. We’ll help you find the measurement equipment that’s right for you and make sure you know how to get the most out of it.

Forklift Scale Frequently Asked Questions

What is a forklift scale?

Scales for forklift trucks attach to the hydraulics, measuring the resistance when lifting to provide an accurate measurement of the weight of the items.

How does a forklift scale work?

Load cells are installed stategically within the lifting mechanism, where they sense the force applied to the load and calculate its weight.

Are forklift scales accurate?

These scales are extremely accurate, making them perfect for any application in which precision is paramount.

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