Maximum Safety in Hazardous Environments

Sometimes referred to as Explosion Proof or Hazardous Area Equipment, we offer these products for customers whose processes take place in harsh environments involving the possibility of combustion.

We offer explosion proof versions of many weighing and system components, including:

  • Controllers & Terminals
  • Bench Scales
  • Floor Scales
  • Truck Scales
  • Railroad Scales
  • Load Cells & Sensors

Intrinsically safe equipment requires greater attention to specification and installation guidelines. Improper specification, installation or service of these products can result in loss of equipment or serious injury. Hazardous atmospheres are divided into three general classes and two divisions:

CLASS I: Flammable Gases or Vapors
CLASS II: Combustible Dusts
CLASS III: Ignitable Fibers or Flyings

DIVISION 1: Hazard exists under normal conditions.
DIVISION 2: Hazardous material is handled, processed or stored. Hazard is not normally present, but may be released due to accident or equipment malfunction.




Safety while maintaining compatibility with other components.

Ideal and often required for fuel refineries, distilleries, chemical plants, and  textile manufacturing.

For hazardous areas with explosive atmospheres intrinsically safe equipment saves lives.

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