Improve Your Logistics Planning & Warehousing

Our weighing experts offer the most advanced dimensioning systems available today. Dimensional weighing allows your company to operate more efficiently. Our dimensional weighing systems improve your logistics planning, storage space allocation, material sorting, manifesting, material handling, and warehousing processes. Kanawha Scales & Systems offers:

  • Static systems that accurately measure and weigh stationary items
  • In-motion systems designed to measure and weigh products as they travel on high speed conveyor systems
  • Accessories
  • Data collection software that will help gather and record dimensional data
  • Integration into existing management systems
  • Rapid ROI

Capture images of irregularly
shaped packages to calculate their
dimensions for shipping.

Say goodbye to noncompliance
fees from carriers! Use the dimensions
and weight of palletized shipments,
making it easy to identify the right freight class.

With an in-motion dimensioning system, products are measured and weighed as they travel on high speed conveyor systems.

Data collection software integrates into your existing management systems

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