Robust, Dynamic, Rail Weighing Solutions.

Rail car weighing requires the most robust and heavy-duty equipment available. Rail scales can withstand continuous heavy loads and challenging environments year after year. Without durability and precision, the inability to accurately weigh rail cars can result in fines, rejected shipments, uneven loading and more. We offer in-motion and static rail scales, pitless models, certified and non-certified models. Many of the rail scales we can offer are NTEP approved Legal-For-Trade.

Combination rail/truck scales are also available for operations requiring both types of weighing. This type of solution saves space and money, meeting multiple needs with one scale. Last but not least, if you have an existing, older rail scale in good working condition, we may be able to extend the life of this scale and improve its accuracy by retrofitting it with the latest weighing technologies.

Rail Scale Calibration

With our 80,000 pound test unit we offer static and in-motion Certified Rail Scale Calibration. This test unit is remote controlled and self-propelled with a 7ft wheelbase. Compliant with AAR scale handbook and NIST Handbook 44, our rail scale test cart is equipped with 80,000 pounds of certified class F weight traceable to NIST. Two KSS scale trucks and two technicians are included in our rail scale calibration service. Our techs are fully trained and equipped to test, calibrate, and repair any brand of rail scales.

We can supply a range of accurate, affordable and robust train and rail weighing scales.

Rugged and accurate, this modular system is designed to provide rail car weights quickly, safely and affordably.




This type of rail scale can be
purchased as an eight-section
full draft system or simpler
four-section double-draft model.

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