Weight Based Quality & Inventory Control.

Using a small sample to determine the average piece weight, counting scales calculate a total number of parts based on weight. Counting accuracy is dependent on scale accuracy, as well as influences of the parts, the operators, and the environment.

KSS weighing experts offer a range of counting scales from top manufacturers, in platform sizes from 10″ to 24″, with capacities from two pounds to 5000 pounds. Never hand count parts again and be more accurate. Take control of your losses and inventory.

Essential for counting high volumes of identical parts with zero human error.

Enhance speed and accuracy in receiving, warehousing, production and shipping.

RENT counting scales from our rental fleet for seasonal or temporary needs.

Reliable and user-friendly, counting scales increase efficiency.

Let us show you the many options available to you for customizing and integrating counting applications to your unique needs.

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