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Custom Software, Process Controls, Material Handling, and Data Management.

Our expertise far exceeds industrial scales and weighing applications. Our Technical Services team specializes in developing and implementing solutions for process control, material handling and data management applications. We develop custom industrial scale software. We work with customers from conceptualization and design to installation and implementation – and beyond. We deliver customized weighing solutions and scale software around the world that ensure efficient and cost-effective ways of doing business. KSS is your technology solutions provider for industrial automation and weighing data collection needs.

We offer:

  • Custom control systems engineering
  • Material handling integration
  • Various mechanical equipment, such as bins, chutes, and control valves
  • Custom panel fabrication
  • PLC control systems and upgrade services
  • HMI Systems

Whether your operation is simple or complex, large or small, our engineers can design and build an efficient solution for your unique application. Our engineering team will meet with you to determine your needs and outline the goals you’re working toward with the system requirements. We work with you to determine a budget and the components you will need to meet your goals and stay within that budget. We offer total flexibility by working with plant operations for standalone control systems or customized, totally integrated turnkey solutions.

What Does Scale Software Do?

Industrial scale software is critical for collecting and understanding the information provided by your scales. It integrates with your weighing equipment, providing detailed data about your equipment and/or inventory. This can be compiled into reports to share with customers or to guide your internal decision-making process.

How Our Industrial Scale Software Benefits You

With the help of our scale manager software solutions, you can get the most out of your scales. With their sophisticated reporting capabilities, you can easily generate reports that are fully customized to include only the data that is most important to your needs. Reports can be exported to a wide range of standard formats, making it possible to share and view them on virtually any type of device.

Having the level of detail our digital scale software provides at your fingertips enables you to make more-informed decisions about your operations. For example, having accurate measurements of the weight of certain freight can provide you with more details about inventory levels, which can help drive better choices about your production processes.

Our weighing data management software also helps automate product tracking, which reduces the risk of human error that can impact productivity and safety throughout your facilities. Perhaps most importantly, having a repository of data collected from all your scales in a single place ensures better communication among your workforce and greater efficiency overall.

As a leading scale software company, you can count on our experienced personnel to provide you with all the support you need to derive the greatest benefits from everything our solutions have to offer. We also provide remote access tools so our representatives can resolve your weighing scale software issues as quickly as possible.


Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) control systems are the heart of almost every industry for process control and automation. KSS is a leading-edge integrator, providing programming, engineering, and installation of PLC systems for operations of all sizes. We offer systems from simple standalone PLCs to larger networked systems utilizing industry standard networks. We also offer PLC upgrade services to improve runtime capabilities and help reduce the possibility of unplanned downtime.


Our panel fabrication department ensures that the closest attention to detail is maintained and that every panel is tailored to fit the precise application of the PLC or control for which it was intended. We manufacture control panels for various environments, from general purpose to hazardous area classified. Our fabricators take pride in providing customers with high-quality units that are precisely wired, assembled, and labeled.


KSS designs easy-to-use Human Machine Interface (HMI) systems customized to fit your application. A properly designed PLC/HMI system allows your plant personnel to view critical process information and adjust system parameters, ensuring optimum performance of your operation.

At its simplest, an HMI may be a control panel with indicator lights, selector switches, and push buttons. More sophisticated HMIs use networked equipment to display process information and provide control capabilities where needed, along with diagnostic and maintenance interfaces.


Our products, services, and people deliver enhanced performance and continuous technological innovation with unmatched experience. Our dedicated team of engineers and developers build custom software, data collection, management and reporting systems. We also create networking design and web services. Some of our proprietary solutions include:

WeighMaster truck scale data collection system web-based software application for secure database administration.

WeighMasterAG scale data collection system designed for fast and easy weighing and reporting of bulk agricultural yields.

BatchMaster® automated data collection and controls for truck and railcar loadouts utilizing batch-weighing technology.

Automatic Equipment Identification (AEI) RF-based tag solutions for asset and fleet management/tracking.

Online Analysis Solutions analyzer software to allow display, control, and report of mineral and moisture measurements for bulk materials management.

Pioneer® forklift software, data terminals, and weighing equipment offering ease, reliability, durability, and accuracy in material handling.

Technical Support

We provide 24/7 customer service for all our systems because we realize that minimizing downtime is critical. Our highly trained support team provides both remote and on-site repairs and maintenance to ensure your operations experience minimal downtime when issues arise. We support our customers via whatever methods are required to resolve issues as quickly as possible.

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