Last week, many of our service technicians and our training staff participated in extensive training covering two distinct scale modules. With a combination of classroom, lecture and hands-on training, techs gained in depth knowledge in the installation, testing, and calibration of both vehicle scales and forklift scales. During the week, students disassembled and reassembled full-sized vehicle and forklift scales, concentrating on the calibration and inner workings of each of these devices, as well as operation of the heavy test units we use to test truck scales.

NCWM HB 44 specifications and tolerances were also covered in some detail in both modules, preparing technicians to work with the various governmental agencies who oversee these types of commercially used equipment. Throughout the week, actual weighing devices were used to teach students exactly how these devices are installed and how to troubleshoot the various metrological components of each.

Steve McQuain (Poca Service) and Russ Rolke (Cinn Service) instructed vehicle scales class, and the forklift training was taught by McQuain and Eric Chapman (Poca Systems). Karl Angell covered the HB 44 aspects of training and Alex Paden conducted group discussions regarding safety within both modules.

Vehicle Scales trainees included Brandon Nales (Dayton), Zach Bailey (Poca), Gary Bollinger (Poca), Ryan Keys (Fairmont), Todd Harden (Columbus), and Chris Hoops (Cinn). Forklift Scales trainees included Brandon Nales, Gary Bollinger, Richard Perry, Ryan Keys, Todd Harden, Chris Hoops, Zach Bailey, and Richard Macklin.

Top scorers on the final exams were awarded with $50 prizes! Congrats to Gary Bollinger of Poca, for the Vehicle Scale final exam top score, and congrats to Richard Perry of Carnegie for earning the best score on the Forklift Scales exam.