Our Cat tractor trailer truck scale test unit has been on the road for over two years. Over this time, we have experienced very little maintenance and no repairs. The unit is very easy to operate and only takes 15 minutes for us to load/unload the 25k cart and weights. The unit is nice and we constantly receive complements when we are in the field performing calibrations. Keep up the good work.” Henry Glosemeyer, Calibration Technician with Cat Scale Company

The only thing standard about our test equipment is the standard of excellence maintained across every unit we build. With KSS Test Equipment, you can always expect:

· Top quality and dependability
· Ease of operation and servicing
· Service after the sale
· Utmost safety
· Attention to detail, and
· Complete satisfaction with your test equipment!

Check Out Our USED Equipment Available NOW!

Knuckleboom Unit

• Curled boom storage
• Stanchion boom storage
• Various test cart and weight configurations
• Various tool box configurations
• 50lb block weight basket or under bed storage

Fully Enclosed Test Unit

• FA 6000 traversing boom system
• Various cart & weights configurations
• Internal/external tool box configurations
• Welder/generator
• Oxygen/acetylene tank rack

Custom Spreader Bar for Load Testing

We provide custom spreader bars and overhead lifting solutions. Crane companies, scale companies, metrology labs are among our customers for engineered lifting equipment.

80,000 lb Tractor Trailer Unit

• Railroad/Truck Scale Combination Unit
• Tractor trailer units from 30K lbs to 80K lbs

Railroad/Truck Scale Weight Carts

• 3K, 4K, 5K & 8K lbs units
• 2 or 4 wheel drive
• Radio controlled option
• Power steering
• Fail safe braking system
• Variable displacement piston pump for infinite power & speed
• Optional railroad wheels operated by hydraulics
• LPG/alternate fuel option
• Custom design, length, width, etc. to fit your weights

1K Weight Mover

• Manufactured to fit your weights
• Custom design
• Power steering
• Fail-safe braking
• Variable displacement piston pump for infinite power & speed

Custom Fabricated Reference Weights

• Built to customer specs
• Allows owner to self-test scales
• Saves owner time and expense of unneeded service calls

Our company always been known for its flexible manufacturing and engineering abilities. With our long history of manufacturing motorized heavy load moving equipment, we are pleased to announce the completion of an LPG fueled engine unit that will be used at the South Carolina Weights and Measures Metrology Laboratory. This 26,000 lb. load capacity specialty unit will be used to move test weights and other weight moving test carts into the new state of the art SC Metrology Laboratory.