Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I have multiple locations/operations?
  • How many different scale companies am I paying to service my equipment?
  • How many employees do I pay to handle paperwork coming from all of those companies?
  • Do I want to save money?

The answers to these questions are the exact reason why Kanawha Scales & Systems, Inc. has developed a Corporate Account Management program. Our service program is structured so you call one person and one number every time. You will receive the same rate on the same invoices in the same format for every repair. Consistency is key. Our purpose is to service your account as a single-source provider of time and cost management. We recognize your time is valuable and understand that we are hired to ensure your scales are up and running properly in order to recoup revenue.

Managing an account with several hundred scales requires an enormous amount of dedication, management, and resources. Kanawha provides all of these by:

Nationwide Service Provider Network
KSS has established a network of more than 150 certified scale service companies that provide scale repair and maintenance throughout the continental US, Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.

Dedicated Account Management Team
KSS dedicates personnel from sales, service, administration, and management to each Corporate Account. The team is setup to accommodate high call volume based on past experience with accounts involving thousands of scales. Our approach to setting up an account management team is very structured yet personalized to meet your specific needs:

    • Corporate Account Manager – Primary customer contact. Provides pricing, proposals on cost saving measures, and directs the national account team on a daily basis.
    • Contract Administrator – Secondary customer contact. Serves as the liaison between the customer and the service provider network. Handles incoming calls, dispatches technicians, collects all paperwork, and manages invoicing.
    • Administrative Support – Assists with data entry, files paperwork, and all other work to support the team
    • District Manager – Monitors all aspects of the account and ensures that the agreement is beneficial to both parties

What Sets Us Apart
Kanawha Scales represents all major brands of scale manufacturers. This flexibility allows us to repair and provide parts for every major brand of scale on the market today. Our service personnel are trained and experienced on all brands of scale equipment.

What sets KSS apart from other scale service companies is that we accept complete and total responsibility for all aspects of managing a national account. We strive daily to overcome challenges in the field and learn from our experiences.

Proprietary Forklift Scales Software

Kanawha Scales & Systems offers our proprietary Pioneer software – forklift scale software with the following options and benefits:

  • Increased freight movement
  • Broad reporting capabilities
  • Automated operation
  • Data integration
  • Data collection from multiple scales and locations
  • Monitor all scale activity through one computer system
  • Comprehensive technical support

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