The birds are chirping again and sunny weather is upon us, so spring cleaning and maintenance become priorities around our homes. It’s time for spring cleaning scales and weighing equipment at work, too! Time to open the curtains, clean the windows, and clear the dust. Same concept applies to scales or balances of any kind. Let’s talk spring cleaning and maintenance for your essential business equipment.

Starting outside, truck scales (also belt scales and livestock scales) have likely been used less this winter, but they’ve been taking abuse from Mother Nature all winter. Cold weather, snow, and ice mean thawing, expanding, possibly rusting, and even rodents nesting in the scale. Load cells, cables, and bolts are components that need immediate attention in Spring. Get eyes on these components.

Check cables for any damage from rodents. Inspect bumper bolts for rust and how tight those are. Steel expands as it warms, so these can tighten and throw off weighing accuracy. Last, but certainly not least, load cells… these have been freezing and thawing on loop, and probably collecting grime. A good cleaning will be in order for those.

Need help with your spring scale cleaning and maintenance? We can powerwash, maintain, and make any necessary repairs to get your truck scales weighing perfectly again. We’ll test and calibrate your equipment so you can start your busier seasons ahead with superb accuracy.  

In a warehouse or a manufacturing facility? Take some time this Spring to clean house, so to speak, on your floor scales, crane scales, conveyor scales, and bench scales. Dirt, dust, moisture, temperature changes can all affect the accuracy of these, too. Call your KSS rep today about caring for and calibrating these types of scales.

Lab scales are typically, and fortunately, kept in relatively clean and temperature-controlled conditions, but it’s not a bad idea to give these and the workspace around them a good dusting and disinfecting each Spring. Just avoid using harsh chemicals. Give KSS a call if you have any questions about keeping calibrations in check.

KSS is ISO-17025 accredited offering you certified inspections and calibrations, making your scales legal for trade and always reliable.