Truck scale software offers improved performance at the scale site. With truck scale software, hand written scale tickets and human error are no longer issues. Bottlenecks at the scale location are eliminated. Data management and reporting are made easy and timely, and accurate information is instantly available.

Kanawha Scales & Systems offers truck scale software with the following options and benefits:

  • Increased truck throughput
  • Broad reporting capabilities
  • Automated operation
  • Data integration
  • Data collection from multiple scales and locations
  • Monitor all scale activity through one computer system
  • Comprehensive technical support

Our proprietary WeighMaster (summary screen seen above) is flexible and configurable to provide a system that meets each client’s individual needs. WeighMaster is tailored for your operations by customizing the data fields required for each transaction. The WeighMaster database and tickets are configured prior to installation by our team of systems technicians. No source code modifications are required to meet your needs. Should enhancements be required, the core WeighMaster can be further customized using tools built into the WeighMaster software.  WeighMaster can grow with your operations as your needs change.