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Kanawha Scales & Systems offers equipment and service for retail operations like delis, grocery stores, restaurants, and specialty stores. We understand that the ability to calculate purchase price based on weight is crucial to the success of many retail businesses, large or small. Not only does accuracy allow you to adjust pricing based on market demands, but your customers will also be assured they are getting charged fairly.

Retail equipment we sell and service includes:

What Sets Us Apart
Kanawha Scales and Systems represents many major brands of scale manufacturers. This flexibility allows us to repair and provide parts for every major brand of scale on the market today. Our service personnel are trained and experienced to service the equipment through our extensive KSS Training Program.

What sets KSS apart from other scale service companies is that we accept complete and total responsibility for all aspects of managing your account. We strive daily to overcome challenges in the field and learn from our experiences.

Nationwide Service Provider Network
KSS has established a network of more than 150 certified scale service companies that provide scale repair and maintenance throughout the continental US, Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.

Dedicated Account Management Team
KSS dedicates personnel from sales, service, administration, and management to each customer. The team is set up to accommodate high call volume based on experience with accounts involving thousands of scales. Our approach to creating an account management team is very structured yet personalized to meet your specific needs.