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Onboard Weighing Basics

Under loading = Inefficient

Overloading = Illegal

Not knowing your loading = Guessing!


  • To transport stuff from Point A to Point B!


  • Make sure you transport the most stuff from Point A to Point B
  • Don’t pay overweight fines
  • Don’t waste time going to and paying for use of a certified scale
  • Position your load right the first time to insure legal axle loading
  • Gives confidence that driver CDL is not at risk
  • Increase overall productivity and efficiency
  • Helps you regain control of profitability

Future Trends

Transport costs will increase:

  • Fuel costs
  • Vehicle total cost of ownership

Regulations will increase:

  • Overweight enforcement
  • Bonding costs
  • Vehicle registration cost
  • Driver training

Competition will increase:

  • Alternative transportation
  • Improve driver retention rate

On Board Weighing (OBW) Solutions are delivered by KSS, via installation of load measuring and data collection components on a vehicle. OBW has evolved to become very reliable and precisely accurate. The need for instant load verification has become critical for companies that need to be more efficient in hauling, determine profit/loss with each load, eliminate overweight fines while maximizing each load, and monitor potential wear on equipment.

KSS has partnered with the best providers of OBW, complimenting these innovative and reliable products with nationwide service.

There are a variety of options for various applications of OBW, but most important is how can it help you and your operation? The list below details some of the key benefits of an On Board Weighing system.