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KSS Used Test Equipment

The used test equipment below is available for purchase. Contact John Holt for pricing and more information.

This is a 1996 scale test unit trailer. Asking price is $25K. Trailer has a ton of built ins for safe storage of tools, parts, etc., a frame for 20,000 pounds worth of test weights, a 3500 watt power inverter, a work bench with space for a welder or generator, 2 belly boxes on each side of the trailer and a Wayne Cargo Master Electric overhead 6K pound crane.

This is a used heavy scale test unit. It is a 2008 Freightliner with 299K miles, 10 speed transmission, 450 HP engine, KSS Hydraulic crane system, 5K test cart, 16K weights – all certified. Asking price is $70K.