CubeTape Mobile Dimensioner

CubeTape is a mobile and flexible dimensioning, weighing, and scanning (DWS) solution perfect for shippers, carriers and warehouse management. It’s cordless barcode scanner is equipped with a Zebra scan engine that uses a Barcode on Tape (BoT) scanner to measure the length x width x height of a package, parcel, and or pallet. It calculates a volumetric weight and wirelessly transfers the data. Cubetape can be integrated with ERP systems and shipping software, connecting effortlessly to eliminate the manual entry of data, saving valuable time in the fast-paced freight industry. It is certified as a legal for trade device, which means it can be legally used to charge by dimension. Cubetape is lightweight and designed to fit neatly into a pocket or holster. It has a durable design and a rubber cover to protect it from the harsh warehouse environment.

CubeTape is a unique solution that:

  • saves labor compared to traditional tape measurement and manual data entry.
  • increases efficiency, as no note-taking or data entry is necessary
  • eliminates typical human error in manual data entry of measurement.
  • can be purchased and deployed at a fraction of the cost of fully automated dimensioning systems.
  • offers the mobility to capture measurements wherever the pallet, package or product is handled.
  • requires no warehouse travel time or material handling equipment to get dimensions.

Who chooses CubeTape and Why?

Shippers need to bill the correct charges, which are usually volumetric rather than weight-based. The productivity and accuracy in dispatch are unmatched… the accurate data captured with CubeTape allows shippers to ship at the lowest cost possible.

Carriers must measure to optimize their revenue. Global carriers routinely measure every consignment multiple times, ensuring the accuracy and safety of those consignments.

Warehouse Management requires accurate volumetric data to calculate storage and shipping charges. CubeTape provides master-data perfect for SKU management.

KSS Inspector App

Pair CubeTape with Kanawha Scales’ proprietary Inspector application to increase logistical efficiency. The KSS Inspector app is a web-based software for capturing field data such as dimensions, pictures, and associated freight handling details at a dock facility. The application provides a central repository of information to allow freight inspections to be centrally located for visibility by all pertinent personnel. The HTML5 compliant application can be accessed via PC, tablet, and mobile phones, providing ease of use to end users.

The Inspector application can be hosted locally in a data center or in an Azure environment. The core functions provide for a user/role based login to access to only the required portions of the application for personnel. Support for multiple facilities is provided within the application to allow for the tracking of entered data specific to a service center location. Through the role based security model, end users can be restricted to a specific service center or multiple centers based upon the job role (regional managers, corporate office personnel, etc.

Each user is allocated a license based on the type of user. User licenses provide the ability to review uploaded information associated with each inspection. Inspector licenses provide the ability to upload new inspection data to the centralized system. An API license allows for the extraction of inspection data via web services to connect the data to internal business systems that may already be in place.

  • Pictures can be taken and selected for download to a local PC or e-mailed to other personnel or customers.
  • Reports can be generated for a  given timeframe to provide a printed copy of the inspection details.