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Bulk Weighing & Monitoring

Kanawha Scales & Systems offers a variety of bulk weighing and monitoring solutions that help eliminate inventory control issues. More

Drum Scales

Kanawha Scales & Systems offers drum scales solutions that help provide consistency and process efficiency to an industrial application. More

Explosion Proof Solutions

Kanawha Scales & Systems offers explosion proof solutions through a variety of processes and applications where certain environments have to content with volatile conditions and the very nature of business requires the handling of explosive material. More


Kanawha Scales & Systems offers a wide variety of indicators and controllers that are a basic weighing component and can be customized to fit any need or application.More

Laboratory Balances

Kanawha Scales & Systems offers highly accurate and reliable lab scales that are programmable customizable for any application.More

Load Cells

Kanawha Scales & Systems offers a variety of loadcells which are a basic load measuring component and can be customized to fit any need or application.More

PLC & Computer Interfaces

Kanawha Scales & Systems offers custom solutions to meet the specific needs of industrial material handling operations from small custom designed control systems to complete plant floor automation.More


Kanawha Scales & Systems offers printing and scanning systems that incorporate into existing software systems, have outdoor applications, and have rugged, dependable construction.More

Railroad Scales

Kanawha Scales & Systems offers railroad scales with low cost in-motion or static weighing options that help reduce under or over filling, uneven loading, and rejected deliveries.More


Kanawha Scales & Systems offers scoreboards and remote displays with clear, comfortable reading at great distances reguardless of weather or other environmental conditions.More

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Tank & Hopper Scales

Kanawha Scales & Systems offers tank and hopper scales with rugged & reliable load cell technology and a wide range of capacities and high-vibration systems More

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Test Weights

Kanawha Scales & Systems offers test weights from micrograms to thousands of pounds for use in accurate, reliable calibration.More

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Truck Scales Software

Kanawha Scales & Systems offers truck scale software that can improve efficiencies and reporting at the scale site.More

Truck Scales

Kanawha Scales & Systems offers rugged and dependable truck scales that help alleviate problems associated with over the road hauling.More

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Batching and Filling Systems

Batching and filling systems offered by Kanawha Scales.More

Moisture Analyzers

Kanawha Scales & Systems offers in moisture analyzers that can determine moisture content of bulk items in motion.More

Particle Size Analyzers

Kanawha Scales & Systems offers particle size analyzers that can determine the sizes of aggregate, coal and other bulk items as they are in transport to help in determining crushing and blasting parameters.More