Bulk Weighing & Monitoring

Kanawha Scales & Systems offers a variety of bulk weighing and monitoring solutions that help eliminate inventory control issues. More.  One of our key products for the agriculture industry is WeighMaster AG. WeighMaster AG is our proprietary data collection system and the corresponding hardware developed specifically for farming operations.

Forklift & Pallet Jack Scales

Kanawha Scales & Systems offers forklift & pallet jack scales with the choice of new or rebuilt equipment. KSS’s portable forklift scale systems can improve any material handling application, saving industries time and money. More


Kanawha Scales & Systems offers a wide variety of indicators and controllers that are a basic weighing component and can be customized to fit any need or application.More

Livestock Scales

Livestock scales are a must for anyone involved with livestock and livestock management. Whether you’re a farmer, veterinarian, rancher, or show manager, having a rugged and reliable weighing system is critical for many reasons. More

Load Cells

Kanawha Scales & Systems offers a variety of loadcells which are a basic load measuring component and can be customized to fit any need or application.More

PLC & Computer Interfaces

Kanawha Scales & Systems offers custom solutions to meet the specific needs of industrial material handling operations from small custom designed control systems to complete plant floor automation.More


Kanawha Scales & Systems offers printing and scanning systems that incorporate into existing software systems, have outdoor applications, and have rugged, dependable construction.More

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Tank & Hopper Scales

Kanawha Scales & Systems offers tank and hopper scales with rugged & reliable load cell technology and a wide range of capacities and high-vibration systems More

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Truck Scales Software

Kanawha Scales & Systems offers truck scale software that can improve efficiencies and reporting at the scale site.More

Truck Scales

Kanawha Scales & Systems offers rugged and dependable truck scales that help alleviate problems associated with over the road hauling.More

Automated ticket, printer, RFID, customized solutions for scale applications.

Automated Ticketing

Kanawha Scales & Systems offers automated ticketing that can maximize efficiencies and reporting on location at the scale.More

Moisture Analyzers

Kanawha Scales & Systems offers in moisture analyzers that can determine moisture content of bulk items in motion.More

On-Board Weighing Systems

Weigh as you move bulk materials: Kanawha Scales & Systems provides weighing systems for loading and transport equipment in the waste, scrap, recycling, mining, aggregate, transportation and other industries.More

RFID Systems

Automatic identification systems for vehicle or product tracking at your scale or throughout your operation enable greater ability to monitor and improve system inefficiences. More

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Scaleside Hardware

We offer a full line of attended or fully automated systems for your shipping or receiving operations…make you truck scale operations more efficient and the data readily available in meaningful and timely reports. More

Software Solutions

Kanawha Scales & Systems has a full software development staff that can provide the required data collection and reporting services to meet your needs. More