Quite simply, the health of your essential measurement equipment is directly tied to your bottom line. Don’t allow your measurement equipment to prevent productivity, cause lost revenue, or cost you thousands of dollars in repairs. For the longevity and reliable peak performance of your weighing and measurement equipment, having a preventative maintenance plan in place is one of the best investments you can make.

Inspection, cleaning, testing, and calibration are all preventative maintenance services. Routine performance of these services reduces the risk of critical components failing prematurely and ensures that your scales stay in the required tolerance. It’s also how we identify and fix minor problems before they become major issues.

Calibration is an extremely important part regular planned maintenance, as scales lose calibration over time and with use. How often this happens depends on the environment in which the scale or instrument is operating, its use and wear, age of load cells and more. Having a scale technician check your calibration against traceable test weights and inspect its parts regularly will ensure that your scales are accurate and efficient when it counts.

Do you have a truck scale exposed to debris, mud, and all types of weather? A lab balance exposed to dust, corrosive or sticky materials, or misuse?

With a preventative maintenance agreement in place, our technicians get to know your business, the role your scales play in your business, as well as the environment and conditions affecting your scale or instrument’s performance. This allows us to repair small issues that arise with time and use, rather than make large, expensive repairs after a neglected scale breaks down and halts production.

Let us design a preventative maintenance agreement designed specifically to your needs to keep your measurement equipment performing correctly. Protect and extend the life of your investment … call us today!