Your farming operation requires timely and accurate information on bulk products critical to your operations. Kanawha Scales & Systems has developed hardware and software solutions to meet these challenges. We design and manufacture reliable data collection systems that quickly and easily gather the data vital to your daily operations.

Our software is extremely intuitive, making the most common tasks easy. Typical operations can be performed almost entirely from a single screen, eliminating the need for an operator to constantly switch between screens to add a customer, truck, or product. This greatly increases the speed at which you can process loads across your scale.

WeighMaster AG is flexible and configurable to provide a system that meets your individual needs. WeighMaster AG is tailored by customizing the data fields required for each transaction. The WeighMaster AG database and tickets are configured prior to installation by our team of technicians. Should enhancements be required, the core WeighMaster AG can grow with your operations. WeighMaster AG can be hosted on premise, in a private data center, or, with a reliable internet connection, in the Microsoft AzureĀ® Cloud.

Learn more about WeighMaster AG's automated operations, sophisticated reporting capabilities, realtime data viewing, and systems support and service!